Wild Raspberry


Ingredients –  Wild raspberry berries.

Nutritional value:  273,0 kcal/ 1142,23 KJ, proteins – 0,6gr. , fats- 0,2gr., carbohydrates – 70,4 gr.

Keep in temperature from 0 to 25 °C  and in not more than 75 relative humidity(RH).

Store in refrigerator for 1 month after opening.

Expiration date 6 months from production date.

Description – A condensed syrup of wild raspberries thickened with sugar.

Raspberry – It is picked up from wild raspberry species growing in mountainous areas in an altitude of 1700- 1900 meters.  It is made in no-cook method, so that all the useful materials are preserved.  It does not contain preservatives. It has a characteristic delicate scent and a unique raspberry flavor.

Berries are rich in sugars, organic acids – lemon, apple, wine, almond, salicylic. Contains flavonoids, tannins, pectin, vitamins, macro and micronutrients. The seeds contain fatty acids and beta-sitosterols.

It is widely used in influenza, colds and fever, chronic rheumatism. Berries are useful for gout, anemia, and stomach pains. It improves digestion.

In medicine, raspberries are known as a heat-lowering means, with a diuretic and sweating effect.

The impact of wild species for therapeutic purposes exceeds that of cultivated species.

The usage –Used as a food to eat, it can also be used in hot tea for the treatment of colds, as well as juice to dilute syrup with water.

Contraindication – Contraindicated for those with diabetes.

It is not a medical product.

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