Choco Chir 230g Peach with walnut


Peach with walnut in dark chocolate glaze – natural, tasty and healthy sweets made in an ecologically clean area. Dried peach has antioxidant properties and soothes the nervous system, walnuts are indispensable for the blood vessels of the brain and heart, and chocolate is a pleasant addition that lifts the mood. In the production of sweets, no artificial additives, preservatives and colors are used, and therefore, eating them, you will have an extremely pleasant experience. Delicate chocolate icing, firm dried peach, fragrant nut, merging together, turn into a delicious dessert. You can eat them with a cup of coffee or tea, put them to school as a snack and not be afraid of your figure, tooth decay and possible stomach problems. Of course, even this delicacy should not be overused, but a few pieces a day will not hurt.