Choco Chir 170g Prunes


In ancient times, prunes were considered a well-known remedy for stress and depression. It was added to many meat and vegetable dishes. Prunes are rich in a whole group of vitamins – A, B, E and C, which strengthen the immune system. They normalize the work of the stomach and cardiovascular system. For example, corotinoids are responsible for vision. Minerals – potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus are good for bones, teeth, hair and skin. Prunes contain glucose, sucrose and fructose, which are responsible for energy, activity and tone. The lozenges are renowned for their antioxidant properties. If you regularly eat prunes, then changes in appearance are noticeable. I use prunes as a laxative, it helps with constipation. It has a diuretic effect. Removes excess fluid from the body. They are liked by both children and adults. Prunes in dark chocolate glaze are created according to an original recipe, which makes the taste of the delicacy unique. This is an excellent choice for connoisseurs of natural and delicious products.