Cherry Plum fruit pastilles 90g


Armenian fruit pastilles are recommended for dietary and sports nutrition. They are a good dessert, an addition to a cheese plate, wine and cognac. They do not contain artificial additives, concentrates, sugar, and are 100% natural. This product is rich in potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, fiber, antioxidants and vitamins’ B3-niacin, C-ascorbic acid, E-tocopherol, Ca-calcium, K-potassium, P-phosphorus. Delicious and healthy fruit pastilles are the perfect dessert or snack in the daily diet of children and adults.
Sour cherry plum lozenges are a real natural medicine. They preserve all the properties of fresh fruits and contain a high amount of organic acids (malic and citric) and vitamin C. Given the small amount of sugars in the fruits of fresh cherry plum, fruit lozenges can be classified as dietary products that will not harm the figure. And the spicy taste with sourness will give vivacity, strength and energy. Restores reduced performance, increases the body’s resistance to stress, energizes.